Happy birthday, dear gods.

A few weeks ago I was extremely lucky to be invited to attend some special birthday celebrations. What made them special was that the birthday boys were not normal people, but rather two Taoist Gods.

Every year on their birthday, the gods (each of them at a specific time) enter the body of the temple’s spiritual guide. People thus take the opportunity to speak to the gods, making some offerings and asking for blessing. Good health, perhaps a better job, surely a better life in general, that’s what they ask for.

Tall heaps of paper money (together with paper horses) are burnt for the afterlife. Food is offered too during the fires.

I did not fully comprehend this ancient tradition of this equally old and complex culture. All the same, it was a truly unforgettable day of my life. A rare opportunity to intimately experience local cultures, surrounded by very kind and welcoming people. Thanks again S. for inviting me.

Happy birthday dear gods. 祝你们生日快乐.